In Search for The Fundamental Law of Nature

3.1. Criteria for a basic fundamental law

To get to the answer of my questions, I need to figure out the basic fundamental laws of nature governing the universe as a totality.

Those laws should be as simple as possible, but at the same time applicable in every branch of knowledge ever known to humankind and able to explain every phenomena of human experience ever recorded in human history, without exceptions.

It should also consider the lowest degree of probability as opposed to the repeatability required by contemporary science, because every human experience, including the rarest human imaginations, dreams and even illusions should be considered as real existing facts in their own realm, even if it only happens once in a million years. (The probability factor is still greater than zero)

The first thing I need to do, is to integrate the physical realm, the psychological realm as well as the spiritual realm, into one integrated unity. Furthermore, to be able to deal with this integrated realm, I had to leap beyond the territory of all known branches of knowledge and take a totally new integrative and holistic scientific approach system, that I would call “META-SCIENCE”.

3.2. The integration of available data.

“Effect is complex – infinitely complex – but one can have no knowledge of effects. One can but be informed of effect. Information is not knowledge. Our educational process informs us but until we have recognized the eternal truth which underlies that information, we have no knowledge of it. . . . .All knowledge is possible for anyone – and the Cosmos gives it to him/her who asks but all information is impossible.”

Walter Russell

The question is;

How to get beyond the infinitely complex ‘effects’ and to arrive at the ‘basic knowledge’.

3.2.1. The Physical realm:

To get beyond the infinitely complex scientific information, we can choose to look into the search of the basic theory in Physics. There are quite a number of theories available, from the GUT (Grand Unification Theory), the Superstring Theory to the sought after TOE (Theory of Everything), but the basic problem we are facing is how to unify Relativity Theory and Quantum Mechanics.

The issue of Superluminal Connection (faster than light) and non-locality principle, amongst others are the most controversial, on which our physicists at present still could not agree upon.

These are the main problem area in the physical domain, that need to be worked on.

3.2.2. The Psychological realm:

The basic issue in this area could be extremely reduced into the questions of:

  1. What is consciousness?
    • Does consciousness really emerge from neural firing?
    • Or neural firing are only measurable result of consciousness in movement?
  2. How does mind and brain interacts to each other?
    • Is there a two way interactions or just one way?
    • What is archetypes or collective unconsciousness?
    • How archetypes relate to human / animal behaviour and vice versa?

However, in the last Tucson Conference II, David Chalmer divided the problems in the Consciousness studies into two basic category, the hard, and the easy problems.

Most of our researchers are trying to work on the area of functional explanations, – i.e. as in cognitive science, whereby a phenomenon is explained in term of computational or neural mechanism. These area belongs or categorized as the easy problem.

The hard problem is the problem of experience. When we think and perceive, there is a whirr of information-processing, but there is also a subjective aspect. This subjective aspect is experience. When we see, for example, we experience visual sensations: the felt quality of redness, the experience of dark and light etc.

The hard problem of experience is hard, because it goes beyond problems about the performance of functions.

3.2.3. The Spiritual realm:

Here we find the most diversed information from so many Religions and Belief systems, where each of them claims to contain more truth than the other.

All rules, regulations, moral standards, system organizations or even what we believe, are based on human interpretations, which are mutable. They do not reflect the eternal truth, and therefore belong to the category of ‘effects’.

To get to the core of any Religion, Belief system or Spiritual teaching, we have to get beyond all rules, regulations, moral standard etc., which are only the outer layer or the exoteric part, and look into the most inner layer, the mystical or the esoteric part of them.

All Religion has its esoteric part, which is hidden as secret and only revealed to the Initiated. It is hardly intelligible to common believer (that’s why it’s called esoteric), but it contains the real Truth, the real basic foundations of any Religion.

Tracing back those esoteric teachings, we will find that all Religious teaching originated from the same source, the 18 million years old Secret Doctrine.

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