The Hypothesis

5.1 The Ultimate Unification Theory:

The synthesis of the most advanced view from modern physics and the most ancient esoteric teaching, – the 18 million years old Secret Doctrine, leads to the identification of the basic fundamental laws of our Cosmos, the Trinity of The Ultimate Unification Theory, which are;

  1. The Law of One – symbolized by the Circle, the “zero”, the void, the absolute Oneness, the infinitely boundless everything, which equals nothing, the indivisible universe, the ultimate unity.

  2. The Law of Polarization – symbolized by the Circle with the Center point, which then became the diameter dividing the circle into two halves, – the polarities.

  3. The Law of Inter-relationship (based on the principle of resonance and induction) – symbolized by the Cross, the vertical line crossing the horizontal one, the interactions between the polarities.

1. The Law of ONE

Our common understanding of “One Unity consists of Many” is obviously not how The Law of One is meant to be understood. The term “ONE” already leads to a misinterpretation, since “one” has the connotation as opposite to “many”.

It is symbolized by a circle, to express ‘boundless without beginning nor end’, yet the symbol is not adequate either. We do not have the appropriate expression nor an adequate symbol, simply because we do not have the right mental conception in the first place.

The circle is also a “zero”, a nothing or void, yet it is everything there is. “It exists” and yet “it does not exist”, since ‘existence’ is only the opposite polarity of ‘non-existence’. It is the “immaculate” or “unpolarized” stage of the Cosmos, that transcends any descriptions.

 2. The Law of Polarization

The first polarization happens when the center point appears, which is the focus of Cosmic Consciousness, the witnessing point. With this polarization, the Cosmos becomes conscious of Itself.

It is said in some traditions, that “God could be symbolized as a circle, whose center point is everywhere, and whose circumference is nowhere”.

The appearance of the Center Point also symbolized the first polarization of the Absolute ONE into the duality between existence and nonexistence.

Then the center point becomes the diameter, dividing the circle into two halves.

The upper half could be termed as “li”, the principle, the archetypes, the implicate order, the arupa or the world of no form beyond time-space continuum, spirit, consciousness, mind etc.

The lower half could be termed as “chi”, the matter forces, the virgin (having the potential to be) energy, ‘fohat’ , which through the interaction with the above principle, – “li”, the archetypes, or the implicate order, will unfold to become the explicate order, having forms, rupa, or matter, within the world of forms, the time-space continuum.

(Refer to Chu Shi, Neo-Confucianism, Song Dynasty
China 12th century AD)

Chu Shi was known as the great synthesizer through his works in unifying Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism into Neo-Confucianism. For Chinese people, Confucianism is a Religion, though it doesn’t fit into the Western definition of a Religion. It is a philosophy, ethics, or a moral codes, but definitely it is a Worldview that dominates China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea Vietnam, Singapore and most of the ‘overseas chinese’, around the world until these days.

In Chu Shi’s days, investigations into the lower half of the circle, the “chi” or matter forces, resulted in the identification of five different characteristics of matter forces. Taken from Taoism, they are symbolized by the natural elements like earth, metal, water, wood and fire, while the ancient Greece uses only four elements, earth, water, air and fire.

Nowadays, in high energy physics we are also dealing with five forces, the strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force, the electrical force, the magnetic force and gravitation. Electrical and magnetic forces are combined into electromagnetism (J.C. Maxwell). And later the weak nuclear force can also be combined with electromagnetism into electroweak force. (Glashow, Salam and Weinberg).

The aim of TOE (Theory of Everything) and Superstring is to formulate a coherent mathematical unification of all those five forces. Once this is achieved, we are supposed to have understood our physical universe mathematically. The Chinese on the other hand, have understood more, long before the 12th century.

3. The Law of Interactions

In our day to day life, we are dealing with this law of interactions, where the vertical axis symbolizes the Spirit/Matter, Mind/Brain, Consciousness/Physical bodies interactions, while the horizontal axis symbolizes the Subject/Object, Self/Non-Self interactions.

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5.2 The Formula – (the Metaphor)

The Ultimate Unification Theory is symbolized by a cross within a circle. In our stage of consciousness we do not see the circle, which can only be seen when we achieved the ultimate mystical experience known as “AT-ONE-MENT”, to be ONE with the whole Cosmos)

However, the cross without the circle symbolizes the polarities within us, as well as any entities, beings or things in the whole Cosmos.

The vertical axis symbolizes the Spirit / Matter or Mind / Body polarity interactions, – the esoteric within, the “I” consciousness, while the horizontal axis symbolizes the Subject / Object or the Self / Non-Self polarity interactions, – the exoteric without.

Reality consist of Subject pattern, who experiences other patterns which resonates to it as the object. Subject and Object are basically inseparable. Without the Subject there will be no Object and vice versa.

Different Subject will experience different Object. We think that our physical world is an objective reality, only because the pattern of our physical senses are all the same. Beyond the physical, due to our differences in upbringing, life experience and belief systems, we are rarely have the same memory, emotional and thought patterns or ‘map of reality’. Therefore each of us perceives life differently. Everyone of us is unique in perceiving our own subjective reality.

The whole universe is to us as what it is, only because we are as what we are. Time-space continuum and the whole universe as we perceive it, has no objective reality independently from us. It is highly probable that there are many other physical universes, to which we do not resonate and therefore do not notice their existence.

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