The Ultimate Unification Theory is a hypothesis, which uses a new frame of reference, which is the condition at the speed of light. At this condition, there is no such thing as “matter”, but inseparable web of vibrating energy “patterns” in which no one component has reality independently from the entirety. The whole Cosmos is an Absolute One Unity, which is “everything” and at the same time “nothing” (void). – The Law of One.

Leaving our “atomistic” paradigm behind, and taking a new “pattern-istic” view, we realised that the Cosmos “polarized” itself, and the inter-relations between the patterns in polarities resulted in what we know as our world. – The Law of Polarisation.

The study of inter-relating patterns instead of particles and eventual development of mathematical formulas describing patterns and their inter-relationships will bring the scientific breakthrough in the 21st century. “Patterns” apply both for physical and nonphysical entities, from particles up to our mental / thought patterns and beyond. And the basic law is what we know as The Principle of Resonance and Induction. – The Law of Interactions.

Every scientific theory needs verification either by experiments or by the use of mathematics. Prior to verification, every theory is considered as a hypothesis. Unfortunately, the ultimate unification theory is beyond contemporary mathematics. We need to further develop our mathematics, so that one day we may be able to verify it mathematically.

(Faraday needed Maxwell to formulate his discovery into mathematical form of Electrodynamics.)

On the other hand, the ultimate unification theory can be verified by daily life experience without any complex arrangement of sophisticated equipment for experimentation. The only thing we need to do is to review our experience from a different point of view using the new frame of reference.

The Ultimate Unification Theory is a “long jump” to the “ultimate”. It only “opens the door” and gives the “direction”. Between “here” and the “ultimate”, there are unlimited number of patterns possible, with unlimited number of inter-relations, resulting in an infinite number of “realities / illusions”.

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