REFLECTIONS of a modern-day Mystic

Publication of my first book “REFLECTIONS of a modern-day Mystic” on 30 March 2019

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A Mystic is one who realised his/her Oneness with The Source. It is the realisation of The Ultimate Reality, the Absolute Oneness of ALL THERE IS, The Law of ONE. In the old days, Mystics lived in seclusion as a hermit or ascetic, away from the masses because their reality is so much different than their contemporaries.

A Mystic who experienced Oneness with ALL THERE IS is no longer confined in their physical body because they also realise that there are so many other bodies s/he is connected to, which we term as their incarnations. They are their instruments to relate to the surroundings in those particular points in time and space, either to accumulate worldly experiences or for a specific purpose. Beyond time and space, they all exist in the eternal now.

The first challenge for the aspiring Mystics in this day and age is how to reconcile our critical mind and our mystical heart. Fortunately, with a proper understanding of our modern Physics as in Relativity Theory and Quantum Mechanics, we are now able to decipher the 18 million years old Secret Doctrine, the Ancient Mystery teaching taught to our predecessors the Agarthan. This unification of the most modern and the most ancient teachings would lead to the breakthrough of our scientific endeavour to venture beyond the physical domain.

However, before that can happen, humanity needs to leap from The Descending Arc of Involution on The Path of Separation based on power paradigm onto the Ascending Arc of Evolution on The Path of Unity based on love, wisdom and compassion. This shift is happening right now with the help of millions of advanced souls and star seeds from all over the cosmos. They are incarnating on this planet as wanderers to intensify the vibrations of love, wisdom and compassion through the principle of resonance and induction. The crumbling of the world hegemon and the rise of a multipolar world is a symptom of this shift.

Tracing back the mystical human history to the origin of human suffering while on The Path of Separation, to the Lucifer Rebellions over two hundred thousand years ago, and the demised of Atlantis and Lemuria, might help us to learn from the past and to speed up the process.

This book is a humble attempt to impart the view of a Mystic onto our collective mind using the resonance and inductions principle, one being at a time. The more human beings resonate, the stronger it would be, and the more people would be inspired. Only cosmic timing and our collective freewill will determine how long it will take until humanity is released from sufferings and awoken to realise who we really are, an eternal sovereign being inseparable from The Source.


For those who seek to understand the Cosmos

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