The Personal Verification

Since The Ultimate Unification Theory describes the basic fundamental law of the Cosmos, it should apply to everything. To verify the theory is very easy, one does not need to conduct any special experiment, but to review anything from anyone’s day to day life with a new light. using the new map of reality and the metaphor as described above.

Scientific Spirituality, is a reflection of my personal philosophy, derived from reviewing my own daily life in the effort to verify the theory. It is presented in this web-site as a real life example.

The final verification has been received through a mystical experience – The Awakening, that happened to me last August 1997.

1. As above so below

The formula of The Ultimate Unification Theory is a cross within a circle. It is the Universal symbol of our Cosmos, our Universe and everything therein. In Cosmogenesis we learned that the first polarization happened when the Center Point appears, which symbolizes God’s or Cosmic Consciousness who experiences Godself – the Circle.

The second polarization happened when the Center Point became a diameter polarizing the circle into two halves, the upper and the lower halves – the Spirit and the Dark Water.

The Vertical Axis is the interactions between the upper and the lower halves of the Circle, the Cosmic I – the I AM Consciousness.


The Cross within the Circle, the symbol of the Universe, also apply for us human being, since we are a Universe in ourselves – The Microcosmos.

In our stage of consciousness, we don’t see the circle. It can only be achieved through mystical experience known as ‘AT-ONE-MENT’ (at one with the whole Cosmos), and only few of us has reached that stage.

However, the Cross without the Circle symbolizes the polarities within us. The Center Point or the crossing point is a point within us, where our consciousness is. The vertical axis symbolizes the interaction between the physical and the non-physical parts of us, between our body and our spirit, between our brain and our mind.. This vertical axis is our ‘I am’ consciousness – the Esoteric within.

The horizontal axis symbolizes the interaction between our ‘Subject – Object’ polarities, between our ‘I am’ consciousness and ‘the rest of us’, which our ‘I am’ consciousness does not consider as itself. This includes what our ‘I am’ consciousness would call; my body, my feeling, my thought, my friend, my fellow human being, my world etc.

When we reach the stage of ‘AT-ONE_MENT’, there will be no more differentiation between ‘I am’ and ‘non-I am’, between ‘me’ and ‘not-me’. Everything, the whole Cosmos is us.

The U.U.T. : Every “I” is the same “I”, which is the Cosmic “I”.
The only difference is the Subject pattern held as a “point of reference” to experience other patterns.
Due to “Subject – Object” polarization, the Subject pattern identifies itself as “I am”, having the impression of being separated from the rest of the Universe, which is its illusion.

2. The human subject pattern

If we go through some Esoteric scriptures, we always come across the statements that human being have multi layers of bodies. The terminology might differ from one tradition to another, but basically they indicate that in this world of form (rupa level) we have our physical body, the etheric body or the health aura, the astral, emotional or desire body, and the lower mental body (kama manas). This rupa level belongs to the lower half of the Circle in UUT term. It is confined in time-space continuum, though with different parameters.

In the world of no form (arupa level) we have the higher mental or the causal body, which supposedly to be our immortal Ego or Self-Consciousness. In some traditions, it is understood as our Soul. Beyond that, there are only level of Consciousness with no bodily forms. There are The Buddhic level (The Collective Mind), the Atman level (The Higher Self), and the Monadic level (The Logos). In comparison with modern Spirituality, this Monadic level describes the Planetary or the Stellar Consciousness. The arupa level belongs to the upper half of the Circle in UUT term. It is the reality of light, beyond our time-space continuum. It is highly possible that in this realm, there is another continuum, which we could not verify yet.

In some channeling material, (The Ra Material) it is called the space-time continuum. As opposed to our time-space continuum, where we can move through space in time, in the space-time continuum, those light beings can move through time in space.

There is no records beyond the Monadic level, because no mortal human being has ever reach beyond this point with full consciousness, and came back to tell the story (if s/he could). This is the level beyond the reality of light, where our Spirit resides in Absolute One-ness – The Circle.

However, in our normal waking consciousness, most of us are aware of our physical body only. We are using our physical senses to inter-relate and interact with our surrounding, and our consciousness are focused on this objective physical world. It is our normal world, and whatever happens beyond, we call them ‘paranormal’ or ‘supernatural’.

2.1. The Physical Body

We usually consider our physical body as solid, but we also know that our body cells comprises of molecular structures which in turn comprises of atoms. In Physics we learned that atoms consists of a nucleus and some electrons revolving around the nucleus. Surprisingly enough, if we blow an atom to the size of a 14 (fourteen) stories building, the nucleus will only be the size of a grain of salt in the middle, while the electrons are not larger than dust particles. The rest of the atom are empty space. So, is our physical body actually nothing but empty space?

In fact, an atom must be full of energy, since the whole Universe is nothing but sea of energy (prana). Our physical instruments can only relate to a tiny part of the atom, and therefore we can only find the tiny nucleus and the electron.

Our physical body is nothing but condensed energy as result of inter-relation between patterns and patterns and patterns . . . . and it appears to us as it is, only because the interaction between our physical senses and our surroundings gives us those impressions. If our eyes could only relate to, let say, light in the X-ray range, we might get the impressions that all of us are, just walking skeletons.

2.2. The Health Aura / The Etheric Body

This is our energy body, closest to the range of our physical resonance bandwidth. It is called The Etheric Body or The Etheric Double, and it is still physical. Sometimes it is also called Ectoplasm, and in some cases it is even detectable by some sensitive instrument using liquid crystals.` The Kirlian method of photography supposed to be able to capture this field on a photographic plate. Para-psychological phenomena i.e. psychokinese, spook etc., are dealing with this energy field.

Albert Eistein: Matter is regarded as being constituted by region of space in which the field is extremely intense . . . . . .
There is no place in this new kind of Physics both for the field and matter, for the field is the only reality.

This energy field acts like a physical mould to our seen body. Our western materialistic science could not explain this phenomena yet, but the Chinese has known this energy field since thousands of years ago. They call it ‘Chi’ or ‘Qi’ energy, and from the knowledge, they developed the acupuncture healing method. Only in the last few decades, the New Age movement has picked up this ancient Chinese healing techniques, use them and tried to further develop them.

2.3. The Astral Body

Up till now, there is no scientific evidence to proof the existence of this Astral Body. The problem is that we do not have the appropriate instrument to measure this type of vibrating energy patterns. The materialistic approach of our current philosophy behind any scientific research, excludes the possibility of scientific investigation of this area. It is called ‘taboo’ area or the forbidden territory of science.

To be able to measure this type of vibrating energy patterns, we must use instruments that resonates to it. What we have available right now is human being, who has the ability to sense it (clairvoyance). But here, we are facing the accuracy problem of subjective perceptions. What is measured or perceived totally depends on the subject acting as the instrument. In experimental terms, we can say that we are dealing with un-calibrated instruments. Therefore, sometimes we found some inconsistencies in the description of the Astral Body across different esoteric traditions.

To overcome the problem we might try to use the statistical methods to review and evaluate the information we have, bearing in mind that any data perceived is never independent from the subject perceiving it. From the number of people, who have perceived this type of vibrating patterns, we couldn’t deny or ignore the existence of the Astral Body, whatever their descriptions are.

The Astral Body is also called the emotional or desire body, and this is the definition we are going to use here. It is immaterial how this astral body looks like, since most of us can not see it. But everyone of us will agree that we have our desires, feelings and emotions.

It is part of our energy pattern, which provide us with our basic instinct (desire to live and to survive) up to our most ‘noble’ desires we have ever imagined.

2.4. The Mental Body

The Mental Body can not be measured as well. It is also part of our energy pattern, which provide us with the ability to think. In a matter based paradigm, we used to think that ‘being aware’ and ‘thinking’ are result of neural firing. But in the universe of vibrating energy patterns, we can consider that human being is a complex vibrating energy pattern, while our physical senses can only resonate to a small part of it, the physical pattern.

We differentiate the human pattern into physical, etheric, astral and mental, only for our observation purposes. They are all form one individual pattern and are basically in-separable. So, here we can not say that thinking is causing the neural firing nor that neural firing cause us to think. We just think, and what can be observed physically, is only that our neurons are firing.

Beyond the Mental Body there are other bodies, which have been identified by our clairvoyance or believed by different esoteric traditions. But we will leave them untouched for the time being.

3. The Human Energy Circuit


The above is a simplified model of the human energy circuit showing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual circuits. Each circuit comprises of memory pattern (on the left) and sensory pattern (on the right). The sensory pattern is our patterns we use to interact with our surroundings. It is for our perceptions as well as for our actions. (two-ways interactions). On the top and bottom of every circuit they are the energy transformers to pass energy from one circuit to the other. These transformers are probably what is known as ‘Chakras’ in the Esoteric terminology.

The author is aware that this model is still far from perfect. It is just the first attempt to put it down in an engineering model for analysis purposes and to see how it works. It is just a ‘map’.

The Energy Source

The Yang / Yin or Spirit / Matter poles indicates the Cosmic potential difference, causing the flow of energy within a human being. It is the Cosmic Energy, known as Life energy, Spiritual energy, Libido, etc. They are all the same energy with different names depends on where it is perceived.

The flow of energy from Yang to Yin or vice versa is determined by the condition of each circuit, which in turn depends on the condition of each component of the circuit, mainly the memory pattern.

A simple example to show how it works, is the simple human movement. In normal circumstances, every movement originates from a thought. So, there is a change in the mental circuit enabling energy to flow down to the emotional circuit and we feel to want to move. The energy will then passed to the physical circuit contracting some muscle, and we make the movement.

If our mental, emotional and physical circuits are in harmony and synchronized, we are able to move smoothly and exactly as directed by our thought. An infant can not move it’s limbs smoothly, because its patterns are not synchronized yet. It needs to learn and to form it’s memory patterns. The physical, emotional as well as the mental memory patterns are built by experience. Included in the memory patterns are also our genetic codes.

Forming our memory patterns

Our initial patterns are given to us at birth from the genetic codes which is a result from the evoluton of the human species. It is the memory patterns of the species. What we know about DNA is only the physical form of our memory patterns.

Once we are born, we start to interact with our surrounding. Our physical senses resonates to our physical surroundings. This resonance also followed by induction involving energy transfer which modified our sense pattern. As result, our physical circuit is changing and induces our physical memory pattern. This is the Subject/Object interrelationship – The Horizontal axis interaction.

The induction received from our surroundings changes our physical circuit, which in turn influence the internal energy flow – The Vertical axis interactions. The other circuits, the emotional, mental and spiritual are also changing, and the corresponding memory patterns store the changes.

With this continual horizontal and vertical interactions, our memory patterns are slowly being build and our circuits are becoming more and more in-tune with each others. It is the ‘learning’ process until we are able to move our limbs smoothly. Once we grow up, we never think on how to balance ourselves while walking. Our physical pattern has the necessary memory to take care of it without any problems.

The same analogy apply for the other memory patterns, the emotional, mental and spiritual memory patterns.

Disturbance of the memory patterns and healing

Every dis-ease, is a disharmony between our physical, emotional and mental circuits, either it is caused by outside inductions or by our memory patterns. A disharmony causes a disturbance of our internal energy flow, where energy is trapped in the wrong location and can not flow smoothly. It can be in the physical, emotional as well as in the mental pattern.

On the physical level, a ‘repair’ of our physical patterns is done through medications or surgery. On the emotional and mental level, we turn to psychotherapy trying to modify our emotional or mental memory patterns. But the one important circuit we usually neglect is the spiritual circuit. A holistic healing method should consider this energy balance as a totality.

Relying on some esoteric teachings, the Causal Body in the Spiritual Circuit supposedly to contain memories beyond our present life. It might also contain the ‘program’ of our present life. To reach this memory patterns we need to apply regressions hypnosis to go beyond our birth/conceptions.

Another method, which might be used is the Neural-Linguistic Programming or known as NLP. But whatever we do in trying to modify our memory patterns to achieve healing, the only healthy aim is to get all circuit working in harmony and synchronized.


In this context, what we term as consciousness or ‘being conscious of’ is the point within us, where we focus our energy. We are in the mental circuit if we are conscious of thinking. We are in the emotional circuit if we are conscious of feeling. Reflex actions is taken care by our memory pattern without focusing our consciousness or being conscious of the actions.

Most animals live with their consciousness focused on the physical circuit most of the time. The spiritual, mental and emotional patterns are given to them from the genetic codes, result of the evolution of the species.

Human beings lives with their consciousness focused between the mental, emotional or physical circuits. Physical persons spent a lot of their life focusing on physical circuit, emotional persons on their emotional circuits and cold brainy persons on their mental circuits. Very rarely we found a person spending a lot of his/her life focused on the Spiritual circuit.

In an ideal circumstances, all the circuits are in complete resonance and harmony so that the energy can flow with minimum resistance guided by the Spiritual circuit or even above or beyond it. Therefore the saying “Folow your Spirit”.This ideal condition describes the condition of a perfected human being, with a fully awakened Kundalini energy, who is able to perform things we call ‘miracles’.

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  1. Wow. I just read this today and I am experiencing connection. I am a spiritual life coach and this is what I’ve been coaching for years! I’ve channeled this material over the past few years and it’s such a great synchronicity and sign to see it written so exquisitely and clearly here. Thank you for your commitment and contribution.

    I love this post and look forward to exploring your work more.

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