The Ancient Formula


In the Proem of “The Secret Doctrine”, Volume I,  H.P. Blavatsky wrote:

An archaic manuscript – a collection of palm leaves made impermeable to water, fire and air, by some specific unknown process – is before the writer’s eye.
On the first page is an immaculate white disc within a dull background.
On the following page, the same disc, but with a central point. . . .
. . . In it’s third stage the point is transformed into a diameter . . .
. . . When the diameter line is crossed by a vertical one, it becomes the mundane cross. . . .

According to some Esoteric tradition, the above mentioned palm leaves are supposed to be the most ancient manuscript on this planet, it was left behind by our elders and it is believed to be even older than mankind itself. It contains ‘highly magnetised’ symbols and the interpretation of them is left to our own ability to resonate. The Cross is also known as The Law of Creation and it symbolises the Universe.

The Law of One

c-1 On the first page is an immaculate white disc within a dull background.

The symbol of Absolute Infinite Oneness.
The boundless Circle without beginning or end.

The Centerpoint – The God’s Consciousness

c-2 On the following page, the same disc, but with a central point. . . . .

The Absolute Infinite Oneness polarized One-self.
The Centerpoint within, the God’s Consciousness becomes conscious of God-Self – the Circle.
The Circle whose Centerpoint is everywhere and whose Circumference is nowhere.

The Law of Polarization

c-3 . . . In it’s third stage the point is transformed into a diameter . . . . c-5

In the New Testament it is symbolized by “The Holy Ghost” (the upper half / Yang / masculine) and “The Virgin Mary” (the lower half / Yin / feminine). ‘Mary’ in Hebrew means ‘Water’, and the word ‘Virgin’ indicates as having the potential to become . . .
The Mother, the womb, the vessel to contain the whole manifested universes. (The Son of God / The Created)

The Law of Inter-relationship

c-4 When the diameter line is crossed by a vertical one, it becomes the mundane cross. .

To our current understanding we would say that God polarized Himself into “Spirit” and “Matter”, as we could polarized ourselves into the non-physical part of us (our mind, soul, spirit) – the upper half, and our physical body – the lower half. We know they are not the correct terms, but at present we don’t have the appropriate terms for them. The Hindu tradition call them “arupa” – the world of no form (the un-manifested ?), and “rupa” – the world of form (the manifested ?)The Taoist call them “Yang” (inductive / masculine) and “Yin” (receptive / feminine). They do not differentiate between physical and non-physical, but indicated that this polarization also happens in every level of existence. In the Taoist symbol, the dividing line is not straight but an “S”-line, forming the two halves of the circle as “two white & black colons”. Within the black colon there is a white dot and in the white colon a black one, that symbolizes another polarization within polarization.

In the Old Testament, it was simply called “heaven” and “earth”, which was shapeless and void, or “Spirit” and “dark water”.In the beginning God created heaven and earth. The earth was at first shapeless and void with the Spirit of God brooding over the dark water.

The vertical line, the inter-relationship between the upper and the lower half of the circle – The Cosmic “I”.

According to the induction principle, the polarization into upper and lower half of the circle, between Spirit and Matter, created two polarities with infinite potential difference.The vertical line, the inter-action between these two polarities involves an infinite amount of energy transfer (The Light, The Life Energy), and perhaps only a tiny fraction of it created the Big Bang, (if there is any Bang) the origin of our Universe.

It becomes the mundane cross, the symbol of our Universe. The Formula of the U.U.T.

The Old Testament:
Then God said, “Let there be Light”. And light appeared.
(Genesis 1:3)

The New Testament:
The Immaculate Conception => The Son of God
The Creation => The Created


The Circle

Our Universe is one of the unlimited number of universes that possibly exist within the Cosmos. We can not prove the existence of other universes, because our physical pattern do not resonate and therefore can not relate to the other universes.

Simply imagine the Cosmos as a bundle of microwaves beamed up to a satellite and transponded back to another ground station. It may contain Television Channels, Computer Data Channels, Voice Communication Channels etc. The Voice Communication Channel containing thousands of phone conversations is one universe by itself, which has no relation to the Computer Data or the Television Channels – the other universes. As microwaves bundle, all those channels are indivisible and each Channel exists without interfering the others. It is the nature of electromagnetic waves as well as light.

The mundane cross symbolises our Universe, which is One Indivisible Unity – The Law of One-ness. Quantum Physics has also come to this realisation and call it The Quantum Reality.

The Horizontal Axis

The diameter (or the horizontal axis) is the border between the physical and the non-physical universe, between the world of form (rupa), and the world of no-form (arupa). It is the condition at the speed of light, where there is no such thing as matter.

Looking down from the diameter, the appearance of matter only happens if a pattern interacts with another pattern, gets “locked” into each other and results in a “slightly parallel moving together”, so that the relative speed between them becomes less than the speed of light.

This “inter-locking” is due to a certain degree of “resonance” between those patterns, and particle / matter appears. As soon as they are out of resonance, the particle disappears. The higher the degree of resonance that is achieved, the slower the speed. Not to forget that they also have to have a certain degree of resonance to our instrument for us to be able to detect their appearance, which we call existence.

What we know as our physical universe, our time-space continuum with everything there in, is nothing but effect of the inter-relationships between our physical patterns and other patterns we can resonate to. The whole physical universe looks so empty to us, because we can only resonate to a very limited range of patterns. In fact, it is a sea of energy, due to potential difference between “Spirit / matter” polarities.

Time and Space are also nothing but impressions that we get from the effects of the inter-relationship between our physical pattern and our surrounding. From this point of view, instantenous intergalactic travel through space as well as time travel (forward and backwards) are theoretically possible. The only thing we have to know is our own time-space related pattern, and to know how to modify and adjust it in such a way to arrive at the condition we want to be.

An extremely simplified analogy is like changing the carrier frequency of our voice channel to put it into another channel.

It is still a long way to go to develop our mathematics from our ability in describing the very simple pattern of particles into describing the pattern of ourselves, our Earth, and our Universe.

Then we also have to develop our technology to be able to modify our pattern and the pattern of our space-ship and to adjust them to a pattern we want.

The Vertical Axis

Compared with what we know about the lower half of the circle, we relatively still don’t know much about the upper half. It is mainly because Science has tremendous difficulties in accepting the existence of the upper half of the circle, the non-physical or the “mind” part of our Universe.

However, we know for sure that there is a certain inter-relationship and inter-action between the upper and the lower half of the circle.

C.G. Jung has identified the existence of The Collective Unconsciousness and The Archetypes for human beings, Rupert Sheldrake has proved with his experiment, the existence of the Morphogenetic Field for animals. While on the leading edge of Theoretical Physics, some avantgarde physicists started to wonder about the “un-explainable organising processes”, which caused our Universe to emerge from Chaos.

Stephen Hawking:

“A universe like ours with galaxies and stars is actually quite unlikely. If one considers the possible constants and laws that could have emerged, the odds against a universe that has produced life like ours are immense”

Paul Davies: (1987)

“Only very recently have scientists begun to understand how complexity and organisation can emerge from featureless ness and chaos. Research in areas as diverse as fluid turbulence, crystal growth and neural networks is revealing the extraordinary propensity for physical systems to generate new states of order spontaneously. It is clear that there exist self-organising processes in every branch of science.”

Recently, Jack Sarfatti and his Physics Consciousness Research Group have come up with the new perception of Quantum Mechanics and a new interpretation of the classical problem of “particle-wave dualism” in the famous double slit interference experiment.

Jack Sarfatti :

In my point of view, quantum mechanics adds elemental mind to classical matter in the form of wave functions for the elementary particles and their fundamental force fields. The mental wave functions act on their individual particles causing them to deviate from the classical motion determined by force fields that act on them. Classical force fields also have their own kind of quantum wave functionals which act on them. The two together form a new structure called the quantum field


Computer simulation of the actual paths of particles in a double slit interference experiment


Wave Pattern by a physical quantum potential as seen from the screen
(the mental wave function)

On a particle level, we know that the wave functions act on the particles as a “mould” for their behaviour. Similarly we can also deduct that there are moulds for everything else, from particles up to human DNA, and beyond. Due to resonance principle, every physical matter resonates to their own mould pattern. The human DNA mould patterns make sure that a human embryo will develop into a human being and nothing else.

The induction principle between the upper and the lower half of the circle works both ways. The wave functions act on particles (the top-down induction), and whatever the particle experiences will be induced back (the feedback / bottom-up induction) and changes the wave function (the collapse of the wavefunction).

Back to the Alain Aspect experiment, if particle A is being measured (experiencing measurement) the wave functions change. The change of the wavefunctions will then influence particle B, even if particle B is light years away in distance.

The same principle also works on a more complex system, as in animal behaviour. On the top-down side, the morphogenetic field acts on animals and guides their behaviour, as wave functions act on particles. And, whatever is experienced by the animals, will be induced back onto the morphogenetic field.

If the induction is strong enough, (the 100 monkeys effect) – as what Rupert Sheldrake did, the morphogenetic field changes and in turn will influence the behaviour pattern of other animals (from the same kind), even though they are thousands of miles away and have never experienced the same.

In the long run, the vertical inter-action, the top-down and feedback induction will not only influence behaviour but also the genetic patterns, resulting in what we know as animal evolution. Another aspect which Charles Darwin had not considered in his evolution theory.

In Jungian terminology, the morphogenetic field is our Collective Unconsciousness. Human behaviour is influenced by our Collective Unconsciousness and human experience will create a feed-back onto our Collective Unconsciousness. Similarly, these inductions and their feedbacks in time will cause human evolution.

We know that those archetypes exist, and we also know that they also work according to the principle of resonance and induction with their physical counterparts along the vertical axis.

This vertical axis interaction is also the working principle between human mind and human brain.The vertical axis is the “I am”, the subject pattern, who is experiencing horizontal interaction, the Subject – Object polarisation.

Consciousness is the Centerpoint of the Cross, who is experiencing the vertical [Esoteric] as well as horizontal [Exoteric] inter-relationships.

Breaking through the Current Scientific Barrier

At present, mainstream Science is still reluctant to accept the existence of such intangible facts, which lies beyond the conventional scientific concept of truth. But once accepted, we are opening the door to an unchartered territory, a greenfield for further scientific research and investigation.

Once we understand the world of archetypes, there will be no more “Supernatural” phenomena, because everything is natural.

A similar situation happened to Isaac Newton in the area of natural science during the 17th century, as he wrote to Richard Bentley:

” . . . that one body may act upon another at a distance through a vacuum without the mediation of anything else, by and through which their action and force may be conveyed from one to another, is to me so great an absurdity that, I believe, no man who has in philosophic matters a competent faculty of thinking could ever fall into it. “

The Newtonian breakthrough:

” . . . I have not been able to discover the cause of those properties of gravity from phenomena, and I frame no hypotheses . . . . It is enough that gravity does really exist, and act according to the laws which we have explained, and abundantly serves to account for all the motions of the celestial bodies . . .”

The coming scientific breakthrough:

The breakthrough of our current scientific revolution will happen when our scientists cease to ignore the existence of the upper half of the circle, the non-physical or mental part of the Universe, and start to investigate how the resonance and induction principles work along the vertical axis.



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