Science and its Methodology

The main aim of science is to investigate and to understand the law of nature using a certain methodology, that has been developed along the development of science itself. The basic steps are:

  1. Observation and systematic collection of information – (empirical science).
  2. Concept formation to make the collected empirical data more intelligible.
  3. Formulation of a hypothesis in search for the underlying principles.
  4. Experimentation to verify the formulated hypothesis – (experimental science).
  5. Once verified, a hypothesis becomes a theory, that can be used as a basis for further advancement (i.e. in applied science) and for the development of related technology.

The above methodology has been applied in every branch of knowledge, that is categorized as scientific, but due to the fragmentation of the scientific world itself, theories that have been developed in one branch of knowledge do not apply for other branches. The validity of those theories is strictly limited within their own area of application, and there is no coherency amongst those theories.

A basic theory supposed to be coherently applicable in all branches of knowledge. Looking into the so called hard core science, as in Physics, the goal of any scientific theory is to investigate the law of nature governing a wide gamut of happenings with as small a number of rules as possible.

In example; the Newtonian Law of Movement and its very simple formula:

[ F = m . a ]
Force equal mass times acceleration,

applies for all movement, from an apple falling off the tree to celestial orbit of planets.

However, at the turn of the 20th century, we found out that the Newtonian Physics is only valid for the world of macroscopic objects, – things we can see, smell and touch.

Outside the “Newtonian border” there are:

  • The Special Relativity Theory – for the world of super-fast,
  • The General Relativity Theory – for the world of super-vast and
  • The Quantum Mechanics – for the world of super-small.

At present our physicists are still working hard trying to formulate the “Grand Unification Theory” (GUT), and the “Theory Of Everything” (TOE), which supposed to unify all the above into one single basic theory. Once formulated, the TOE would cover the world inside as well as outside the Newtonian border, but will still be within the physical realm since Physics only deals with our objective physical reality.

In the realm of the mind and consciousness as in Psychology and Parapsychology, we have a tremendous amount of information from empirical observation and experimentation. But, we haven’t figured out any definite underlying principle governing this realm. Only recently some physicists are trying to understand the realm of the mind. (i.e. the Physics Consciousness Research Group).

Beyond those, is the mystical or spiritual realm with the numerous Religions, Philosophies, Mythologies, Occultism, Esoteric traditions and all kind of other belief systems up to the New Age movement.

In occultism and in some esoteric traditions, there are actually some basic rules and principles underlying the occult phenomena. Unfortunately, due to our limited ability to understand, we took it as “dogma”, and handed down secretly within groups of a few select people, from generation to generation. Through the ages, they become more and more distorted and have lost their true meaning. Many efforts have been done so far, to re-gain some understanding, but most of us still believe that this realm is beyond our comprehension.

Supernatural phenomena as well as mystical or spiritual experience definitely lies beyond contemporary science as we understand it. Therefore, science as it is now, can not explain phenomena beyond it’s area of investigation, which is the objective physical realm.

The Laws of Physics do not apply in the realm of the mind, consciousness, psyche and spirits, as the Newtonian Laws do not apply outside the Newtonian border.

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