The Final Proof

The Awakening
The Voice of ONE

It was Wednesday, August 13, 1997.

I woke up in the morning feeling a little different. The world seems to be so wonderful. All my problems, worries as well as any other concerns simply disappeared. I felt a strong but comforting vibration in my whole body, especially in my chest. I felt like I am in LOVE with the whole world around me.

I think, this must be another euphoria that I have experienced every now and then lately. Only this time it was a little stronger. I went to the office as usual, and I felt so happy doing everything I need to do. That morning, everything went so well as if everything got done by itself without me putting any effort. At lunch break, I didn’t go for lunch but went online to download my emails and to read them. I had some discussions going on at the Bridge-L mailing list.

While writing my email, suddenly I got goosebumps all over me, and I felt a very strong vibrations in and around me. And then there was a kind of ‘split’ within my consciousness. I was fully conscious and aware of sitting in front of my PC punching the keyboard, while another part of me have flown away, fusing into a huge ball of brilliant light.

I felt connected to my tiny little self, that was sitting in my office, as well as to myriad of other things with no specific forms, locations nor time frames. Everything was so blurred and diffused. Nothing has a particular identity. It was like an ocean of light, where there is no distinctions between one particle of light from the other, but I felt the strong connections with ALL THERE IS.

The following email came out in that particular time, expressing my feeling.

Dearest Sharlene, my Angel,

I feel so relieved when I read your email. I also feel the vibrant LOVE, emanating from your words. I feel the whole world is just such a wonderful place, and I’ve got goosebumps all over me just when I type this.

And I am so happy!

I wonder, whatever I have felt a few days ago just melted away. I don’t feel any pain nor sadness.

And something have been revealed to me:

There are so many emotional and thought patterns within me, accumulated through out my life. They are my life experiences, a rich collections of memories. And it is up to me, which patterns I want to ‘energize’, and I will be in that mood.

I feel that this physical body, equipped with the emotional and thought patterns is just a vessel, which can be used to act and re-act in a certain way, that is needed in facing a certain situation.

I just realized that I am not rigidly tight up to a certain pattern within it. I feel the freedom to choose, in what mood I want to be. I can be happy, I can be sad, even I can feel depressed, but I am detached!

I’ve known “detachment” for quite a long time, but the whole time it was only a mental concept. Today, I feel I have flown away. What is in this body, is just a tiny part of me. It is my instrument, my tools in relating to this physical world.

It’s really wonderful Sharlene!

Yes! Sharlene! Now I am trying to write whatever I feel! I am learning and also doing to follow my heart. And I am shutting up my left brain filter. I am trying to express anything I feel, without thinking whether it is logical or not. It’s really great! I am really in love with the whole Cosmos.

At the same time I know, if I try to re read what I wrote above, maybe it won’t make any sense to my analytical / logical mind. But it doesn’t matter! If it doesn’t make any sense to you, don’t worry! I don’t want to say anything specific either.

It is simply a screeeeaaaam of HAPPINESS and FREEEEEEEDOM!

Something just come up in my mind. I remember the first paragraph of your first post where you say that you down loaded 200 odds of messages at once. And the only one you pick to reply on, was my post.

Is it synchronicity? I know, the universe has it’s own plan, what we call the Divine Plan. And what is meant to happen will happen anyway, irrespective whether we like it or not.

It is really a blessing to have met you on the Bridge.

with all my LOVE

This euphoria lasted about three days. And in that state of being, there is nothing to know, nothing to be understood, and nothing to be explained. It was just simply BE. And everything is in a perfect bliss.

It is only this little tiny aspect, this physical body, and it’s emotions, thoughts and a little ego, who identified itself as Pramana, that needs to differentiate things. It needs to put labels or identifications on every fragmented parts of the whole. It needs to have some explanations, it needs to know and to understand.

Once the euphoria is over, the first thing this little mind needs to know, is of course “What is this huge ball of brilliant light?”. This little mind needs to put a label on it, knowing that whatever label is put on, it will not be the perfect description. The closest label, was perceived in a dream a few week earlier.

It is :

The Voice of ONE

That huge ball of brilliant light seems like what some others described as “The Great Central Sun”. Yes!, but there is something within me saying that it might lead to a misconceptions. If there is a central Sun, there must be other Suns, Planets and everything else beside and outside the central Sun. This Great Ball of Brilliant Light IS ALL THERE IS, – everything included.

“The Voice of ONE” is definitely a better description in the following line of understanding:

“In the beginning, there is the WORD.”
And once the WORD is spoken, there will be

During those three days, my little mind went back to the past, sorting out its memory and saw that everything is connected. The time of my birth which is reflected in the Astrological birth chart, shows a unique aspects especially in this particular time. On my last birthday, January 17th, the date that some believe as the beginning of the New Age, there were some particular planetary pattern with the Sun in exact conjunction to my Natal Sun.

My turning point, when I had my career crash and getting divorced at the same time, happened in mid August 1987, the date of the Harmonic Convergence.

Last but not least, the name “Pramana” (my real name), which is Sanskrit in origin, happens to mean “The true Knowledge”. Is that all merely coincidence?.

A few years back, through a channeling, I communicated with some discarnates entities. The first introduced himself as Siddhartha Gautama, who told me that I belong to a certain group that call themselves as The Group of Truth. The second introduced himself as Liu Chieh Sin, who used to be myself in the past, a scholar and judge, who lived around 800 years ago in a small country, around 50 km North from the East end of the Great Wall of China. The third introduced himself as R. Widjaya, the founder and the first King of the Great Majapahit Kingdom, 15th century in Java. The last, was Sunan Kalijaga, one of the nine Great Mystics, who brought the Moslem Religion into Java in the 16th century.

My little mind was really overwhelmed, while my little ego was blown out of proportion. But my reasoning mind couldn’t just believe in all that. It needs confirmation and some crossed checking.

Through some advice from an email friend, I have asked Kathleen to do a reading for me with the specific question about The Group of Truth.

The following is a reading from Kathleen, that I received the week after I had the euphoria.

Subject: Your reading is completed
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 1997 00:01:49 -0400
Your reading:

The Group of Truth is highly evolved. The discarnates and the incarnates, as you are….very highly evolved. This group seems to meld together as ‘One’ voice. The group of discarnates looks like several beings together making up one ball of light. But within this light there are about 3 or 4 beings.
They do not seem human, however, I am in agreement with you, I feel that they have had past lives as humans. In the form they are in now, they always travel together. Like a cell. I see them as a ball of light and within their center is like a nucleus. A bright ball of light.

I see them with you and I feel others also. I cannot see the other incarnates, but I feel that one of them is a female. She is very intelligent.

Within the discarnates, I keep feeling that they are very highly evolved. There is a lot of feminine energy within this group.

Your work will help many people. You may think that that is hard to see right now. This group is releasing information to you slowly. I see you making progress to your goal. I get the feeling that you are a little frustrated at the pace in which you are moving towards that goal. But the Group of Truth is moving slow for a reason.

I do feel that you or someone is working closely with the medical/healing field. You said Scientist. This could be. I feel as if you will be one of the ones that will be presenting many people, the world, with much over do knowledge. Spiritual in nature, of course. It is important that you continue at the pace that you are moving at. Everything will be presented to you as it is supposed to be.

You are a teacher, a leader. Many will learn from your words, your knowledge.

I feel that Sidharta Gautama is also very very highly evolved. I also see him as an advisor to this group. I refer to him as a Master Teacher. That is how I understand his role. You may refer to Him as something else. He may appear to you as The Buddha. I do not see him as the sole entity Buddha, however, he IS very evolved.

I really feel that no one in your group really needs to incarnate as a human on earth for an karmic reasons, but I feel that you do to share your knowledge. There is a lot that can be learned from your group.

There is someone of importance to you (an incarnate). She serves as a guide of sorts. She is someone that you know. She is what may be termed as a ‘fortune teller.’ She is someone that you know, I believe. She is very spiritual. I see her with deep Indian ties. Her background and ancestral history seems to be very Indian. And I don’t mean, American Indian. Her family has a lot of history and her knowledge is VAST! She is much older. and she will be very helpful for you. She will help you with your questions and she will guide you to your answers. She is very WISE. Be sure to listen to her.

I did not receive anything about the Jewel that you were asking about. I did receive that everything will be given to you as it is time.

I hope that that helps some. I have not ever given a reading to such a highly evolved being. Thank you for the experience.



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