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This home-page is dedicated to those, who seeks to understand our cosmos.

How can Science explains Supernatural phenomena?

The goal of any scientific theory is to investigate the law of nature governing a wide gamut of happenings with as small a number of rules as possible.

The Newtonian Physics is valid for the world of macroscopic objects, – things we can see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Outside the “Newtonian border” there are the Special Relativity Theory – for the world of super-fast, the General Relativity Theory – for the world of super-vast and the Quantum Theory – for the world of super-small.

At present our physicist are still working hard trying to formulate the “Theory Of Everything” (TOE), which supposedly unifies all the above into one single theory. Once formulated, the TOE will cover the world outside the Newtonian border, but probably will still be within the physical realm unless some dramatic changes happen with our current philosophy underlying any scientific investigation.

In the realm of the mind and consciousness as in Psychology and Para-psychology, we have a tremendous amount of information from our empirical observation and experimentation. But, we haven’t figured out any definite underlying principle governing this realm. Only very recently some physicist are trying to understand the realm of the mind.

Beyond those is the mystical or spiritual realm with the numerous Religions, Philosophies, Mythologies, Occultism, Esoteric tradition and all kind of other belief system up to the New Age movement. In occultism and some esoteric traditions, there are actually some basic rules, which have to be followed. Unfortunately, due to our limited ability to understand, we took it as “dogma” and handed down secretly within groups of a few select people, from generation to generation. Through the ages, they become more and more distorted and have lost their true meaning. Many efforts have been done to re-gain some understanding, but most of us still believe that this realm is simply beyond our comprehension.

In addition we are bombarded with information about UFOs, Extra Terrestrials, Wanderers, Walk Ins, Ascended Masters, Hihger realms, Other dimensions and many others, which might blow our mind away. Are they real?

Most of us prefer to ignore them and wish that they are just made-up stories, which wouldn’t happen in real life. We have been brought up and educated at school in such a way that it is hard for us to believe in anything beyond our physical reality.

We think that the spiritual realm is beyond our comprehension.
In the pre-Copernican era we also thought that the movement of celestial bodies was the domain of the gods, beyond our comprehension.

How can we turn our belief into knowledge?

The following pages invite you to take a journey through the history of Science to see how our concept of realities have changed through the ages. And now, we are facing another challenge to change it again.

Once you are about ready to change your concept of reality, you may be interested to know about The Ultimate Unification Theory – the basic fundamental principle of our cosmos for its physical, mental and spiritual manifestation.

The Ultimate Unification Theory introduces a new concept, a new paradigm which is very simple to understand. The only obstacle one might have is one’s own mental preconditioning. We don’t need mathematics to understand it but simply be ready for it.

Having understood The Ultimate Unification Theory, you can continue your own journey by throwing a new light on your daily life experience to get your own new vision of life.

Once the new concept becomes your reality, you can apply the scientific way of knowing into the other realms. And, at your own pace, you might be able to turn your belief into knowledge.

Please make sure it is time for you to experience the “quantum leap”
Your readiness is paramount.

Whenever you’re ready



For those who seek to understand the Cosmos

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