Revealing The Prehistoric Secret Doctrine


Since the explosion of the nuclear bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, the Planetary Elders are concerned about the future of Humanity. And so is our Galactic Community. They would like to help preventing humanity from total annihilation, but as a quarantined planet of choice (with free will) the only way to help is from within humanity itself, through incarnation and being born as human.

From there on a lot of star-seeds and old-souls are voluntarily incarnating on this planet as ‘wanderer’. Although they are outside the karmic cycle, by being born as a baby they are still taking the risks of not remembering of what their original purpose is and who they really are due to the veil of forgetfulness applied on this planet. This resulted in the known baby boomer generation and the hippie movement in the 1960s and 1970s trying to revolutionise our social structure.

Meanwhile another wave of star-seed volunteers is arriving. (see Dolores Cannon – “Three Waves of Volunteers”) By early 1980s there are around 65 million Wanderers on this planet, but most of those are still ‘asleep’.

In August 1987, those who were awake organised the “Harmonic Convergence” , ‘converging’ all the different missions and time-lines of those volunteers from all over the cosmos, but the most important is to awaken those who are still asleep. Hence it is also known as the beginning of the planetary awakening.

This planetary awakening process took 25 years (one generation) and culminated on 21 December 2012 coincided with the end of the Great Cycle of the Long Count in Mayan Calendar. The 21 December 2012 is a date marking the end of the old and the beginning of the new cycle of 26,000 years. In those past 25 years more than 35 million ‘wanderers’ have awoken (0.5% of world’s population) and managed to avert the prophesied Armageddon.

From 2013 onwards we are entering the transition period into the new era. On the one hand more and more wanderers are being awakened and start spreading the truths by disclosing all the hidden skeletons in the closets, starting from the Financial and Global Political Manipulations to UFO/ET and Secret Space Programs cover ups. On the other hand all negativities on Gaia also need to be cleared. And these may look very ugly.

2016 is a ‘nine’ year that indicates ‘completion’. Instead of a New Year Resolution of which I actually have none, my multidimensional Self nudged me to disclose the final spiritual truth by revealing the Prehistoric Secret Doctrine. Maybe it is now the time to disclose everything. (?)

What is the prehistoric secret doctrine?

In “A Treatise on White Magic” Master Djwahl Khul also known as “The Tibetan” stated via Alice Bailey:

“The movement for the spreading of the Secret Doctrine is eighteen million years old. Only four of the original instigators still remain with us. The work lies now in the hands of three groups of lives, if it may be so expressed:

  1. in the hands of those of our Earth Humanity who have equipped themselves so as to serve.
  2. in the hands of certain Existence who have come into our earth scheme of evolution from other planetary schemes.
  3. in the hands of a large number of devas of super human evolution.

In 1888 Helena P Blavatsky published her extraordinary work “The Secret Doctrine” in two large Volumes. In the PROEM she wrote about a Prehistoric Manuscript:

“An archaic manuscript – a collection of palm leaves made impermeable to water, fire and air, by some specific unknown process – is before the writer’s eye.

  1. On the first page is an immaculate white disc within a dull background.
  2. On the following page, the same disc, but with a central point. . . . .
  3. In its third stage the point is transformed into diameter . . . . .
  4. When the diameter line is crossed by a vertical one, it becomes the mundane cross. . . “

The above mentioned palm leaves supposed to be the most ancient manuscript on this planet, and it is believed to be even older than humankind (18 million years old?). It contains ‘highly magnetized’ symbols and the interpretation of them is left to our own ability to resonate.

Instead of those symbols HP Blavatsky based her Secret Doctrine on The Stanzas of Dzyan, the first known interpretation of the ancient Secret Doctrine. Apparently it wasn’t time yet for humanity to be able to resonate to those symbols until the next scientific revolution brought up the modern Physics, with Relativity Theory, Quantum Mechanics and the Multidimensional Superstring theory.

Understanding those symbols, which is a ‘formula’ in our scientific term, will give us the understanding of how our Cosmos works, macro as well as micro, including how we can heal ourselves, to know who we really are and our purpose of being here on this planet in this particular point of time / space.

It will be a total awakening of everyone in anticipation of our endeavour to create Heaven on Earth.


The article above was published early in January 2016 as an Introduction for the first meeting of the “Creating Heaven on Earth” meetup group created by the author in Brisbane, Australia.

Exactly on the day of the first meeting on 9th February 2016, Corey Goode interviewed by David Wilcock on Gaia TV has confirmed the existence of the Library created by the oldest Inner Earth Civilisation dating back as far as 18 million years of age.


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